List of participants, still in contact with the band,
and present at the reunions in 2007-2011:

David Christensen, Lead Vocal (Jonesin'), Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion
Dave joined the band in 1977, and continued through 1982. Working in the Nashville area, a practicing Doctor of Pharmacy.
John Christensen, Drums, Vocals
John was with the band from 1974 through 1982. Now a jewelry designer, goldsmith, diamond setter, and Graduate Gemologist. Moved to Rural Illinois, West of Chicago in 2000. See:
John Engstrom, Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
John is a Respiratory Therapist, and studies Sleep disorders. Now in Duluth, MN
Tom Lenz, Bass Guitar, Booking and Promotion
Tom is still working in the Omaha Area, and lives on the Iowa side of the river now.
Mart Nelson, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Mark is still playing and living in the Omaha Area.
Steve Plotner, Lead Vocals (Schlitz Betty) Percussion
Steve lives in the Des Moines Area, and is working for Wells Fargo Financial.
Brent Warford, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Brent is still alive and jammin'... See?
Herb Dougall. Sound, Lights, Promo
Herb is now in Arizona, after many years with Cox Cable. He still has strong connections and family living in Omaha.

Pictures and files:

An MP3 CD that has a lot of obscure 4 track recordings of original music, and live recordings at performances is available. A PDF document of the contents is here. If you have old pictures of the band, we would love to see them, and put them here on the site. Please email us, and we can arrange for the file transfers. THANKS!
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