Jonesin' ~ Blue Ribbon Rock & Roll

This web site has information, pictures, and audio from a band that performed around the Midwestern United States between 1974, and 1982. The roots of the band go as far back as 1968
Pictures and files:

An MP3 CD that has a lot of obscure 4 track recordings of original music, and live recordings at performances is available. A PDF document of the contents is here. If you have old pictures of the band, we would love to see them, and put them here on the site. Please email us, and we can arrange for the file transfers. THANKS!
Music    Real Audio and MP3's Historical Pictures from JC
Vintage videos of original music Historical Pictures from Herb
Treasure Found!! A box of about 100 photos and negatives was recently found by Mike Grant. Mike did some of the promotional photography for the band. Thanks Mike! Photos taken by Mike Grant
from 1975 - 1976
Bio's of the band Members Time Line,
          Evolution of the band
Veber's Kegger in 1976 Photo's by Cindy Murphy-Christensen
2007  Reunion
First time back together in 25 years. July 2007 in Omaha
Pictures From Herb
Pictures from Steve
2008 Reunion
August 23, 2008

Pictures from Steve
Pictures from Herb
Pictures from JC

2009 Reunion
August 8 - 9, 2009

Pictures from JC
Pictutres from Herb
Pictures from Steve

2011 Reunion
August 19-20, 2011

Pictures from JC
Pictures from Herb
Pictures from Steve
(coming soon)

2013    Jonesin'
Induction in to the
Iowa Rock and Roll
Music Association
Hall of Fame

Pictures from many contrubutors, rehearsal, hanging out at the Motel, The ceremony, the gig, the after party. Great weekend with the best of friends and family.

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